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STO Platform

Reshaping the Ownership of Assets

Ledgity unlocks trillions of dollars of investment opportunities.

Tokenization tools

Simple and useful interface to issue Digital Securities. Any private company or financial product which has been approved can use Ledgity tokenisation layer. With Ledgity, issuers don't have to worry about the complex technical process. Ledgity assists issuers at any stage from the issuance to the secondary market.

KYC/AML layer

KYC and AML are starting points for more transparency, regulation and large adoption. KYC is used to identify and verify all users and investors. Ledgity will bring the best standards for KYC/AML processes.

Investment information channel

Remain updated and track informations concerning investment opportunities.

Discover the Mobile App

The first mobile application dedicated to Digital Securities.

Mobile App

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